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I'm unable to login

The most common error code when not being able to login is 'UPNOMATCH'

If you get this error, please reset your password by entering your email address into the Forgotten Password link. You will be sent an email with your username, and a link to re-set your password.

I can't see a certain deck / area on the Portal

If something is missing, or you're not able to find what you need on the Portal, for example a leave request or document, it's likely you need permission to access this.

Take a look at our User Permissions video for help with updating permissions. You may need to ask a manager to do this for you.

How do I use e-signatures for documents on the Portal?

E-signatures is a subscription deck, you will need to go to your Subscriptions page and add 'Document Signatures' to your Portal account. Reach out to us on Live Chat when logged in for more help with this

If you've already done this, we have a helpful video on how to mark individual documents for e-signature here.

Want to learn more first? Learn how e-signatures close the compliance loop.

I'm new to the Portal and not sure where to start

We have a great section within this training site called Getting Started which is full of videos on the very first things you need to do after creating your account.

Navigate back to the homepage, click on the 'Let's get started' button and choose the Getting Started category.
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