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Is your company geared up for hybrid working?

A lot of businesses were thrown in at the deep end almost 18 months ago with home-working becoming necessary due to lockdowns, and although workplaces across the country are now re-opening, it looks like hybrid working is here to stay.

ACAS say that over half of employers are expecting an increase in requests for flexi-working. They advise businesses to:

  • Consult with staff on the practical considerations regarding introducing hybrid working.

  • Support and manage staff who are hybrid working and ensure all hybrid workers are treated fairly.

  • Create a hybrid working policy.

  • Handle hybrid working requests from staff.

ACAS advises employers to consider whether technology could assist hybrid working, and issues such as health and safety, data privacy, cybersecurity, onboarding new joiners, and how teams will communicate remotely.

Document Manager has been an invaluable tool to Portal users throughout the pandemic, and we’ve seen a large increase in the number of companies using the Portal’s e-signature feature. This is because employers need to ensure that important documentation such as updated contracts of employment and new policies and procedures have been received and signed. Gone are the days when managers would have to post these documents or arrange for them to be signed in-person. E-signatures proves they have been received, read, and agreed to by employees.

E-signatures also allows managers to track all documents, send reminders, and download confirmation certificates at the click of a button. If you haven’t got e-signatures switched on yet, you can add this to your account today by going to the Subscriptions tab in the top right corner of your account.

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