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Winter Covid Plan - Are you prepared?

The government has now published the Covid-19 Response: Autumn and Winter Plan 2021. One plan includes the possibility of further advice to work from home being introduced, alongside other measures, if data starts to suggest that the NHS is likely to come under unsustainable pressure. IN BRIEF Employers need to be prepared in case these additional restrictions are rolled out in the coming winter months. Checklists is a simple tool that can be utilised to help managers work in a standardised way across your business. Draft a template checklist, give it a title e.g. ‘Winter Covid HR plan’; save it and tell managers how to use it on their dashboard. That’s it! IN DETAIL Create a Checklist in a few simple steps: Navigate to To Do > Checklists, click ‘Create List’, and enter the title and list items; descriptions for each item give managers more guidance on how to complete tasks. Then don’t forget to tick ‘publish list’ and ‘create dashboard widget’ before clicking Save. Managers simply tick items off as they are completed, and each manager’s individual progress will be saved as they go along, so when they log back in they can pick up where they left off. Don’t forget to let managers know beforehand that these Checklists will be available for them to use, this way they are all working on the same principle. Managers need to click the widgets button at the top right of the dashboard screen and select the checklist they want to add to their dashboard. When finished with it, they click the cross in the corner of the checklist and it is removed from their dashboard. If you need any help with Checklists, reach out to us on Live Chat and one of the support team will be happy to help.

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